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Solar Pumps (AC Pumps)  

Our AC solar pumps solution are offers submersible pumps with energy efficient duty points ranging from 1m3/hrs to 280m3/hr. Each pump size is available with an optional number of stages to match the corresponding duty point. As a standard , all the pumps and motors are made of IS2062 grade with 80 micron surface to protect the risk of rust, when pumping ordinary cold water with chlorine content. These pumps can be used in both horizontal and vertical operation, depending on the site condition.

Additional Features of Vikram India Limited's Solar AC Pumps below:

Solar Power driven AC Pumps are supported with a Solar Inverter. The Solar Inverters are incorporated with a Technique called MPPT.

MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking in which the Inverters sample the Output Power (V-I Curve) by choosing the best load to be presented to the Solar / Photo Voltaic Modules or Cells in order to get the most usable power output. To add further, these Inverters being Programmable have got all the features of Sleep Function and Wakeup Function as follows:.

The Pump will automatically stop running if it fails to pump water during times when solar intensity decreases.

If the Pump stops running due to decrease in Solar Intensity, it can be programmed with a Sleep Time after which it will wake up.

After waking up the Inverter will check for the Voltage required to pump water and then will start running for a set time and check whether it is able to further pump water out unless which the Pump again goes back to Sleep Mode.

Shallow Well Submersible Pumps
Description (AC) Model-I Model-II Model-III Model-IV
PV arrary (WP) 1200 1800 3000 4800
Moter capacity (HP) 1 2 3 5
Water output (LPD) 38,400 57,600 96,000 91,200
Head (Mtrs.) 30 30 30 50
Deep Well Surface Pumps (AC)
Description (AC) Model-I Model-II Model-III
PV arrary (WP) 900 1800 2700
Moter capacity (HP) 1 2 3
Water output (LPD) 81,000 1,62,000 2,43,000
Head (Mtrs.) 10 10 10
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