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Vision and MissionInspired by traditions, values and principles

Mr. H.K. Choudhary, Chairman Cum Managing Director of Vikram India

Our Mission

"Our aim is to combine technology, managerial skills, innovation, experience, judgment and responsibility to provide the added value which ensures customer satisfaction."

"In harmony with our strategic vision, pioneering spirit, engineering skills, knowledge accumulated through collective learning and bench-marking against global leaders, we will endeavour to ensure excellence in performance in all areas relating to design, research, development, manufacturing, sales and customer service."

"We are committed to ensure the progressive evolution of tea processing machinery by continuously interacting with tea industry and on-going research and development in tea technology around the world. We aim to keep this in sharper focus and develop in each and every member of Vikram the highest degree of self-esteem and pride, at being fortunate to serve this industry."

Vikram India Limited
April 02. 2001
Kolkata, India
Signature of Mr. H.K. Choudhary

Group Vision

To Vikram Group, 'Vision is in Action' and in order to transfer the vision to reality we have to put together - innovation, technology, skill, experience, management and analysis in perfect proportion.

Vision in Action

Here, customer satisfaction is considered to be the stimulus as well as the working capital. Be it in tea manufacturing, textile industry, solar power or as an EPC solution provider - Vikram has acted towards an international standard of R&D and technology; has induced a high level of excellence in products and has prioritized cost, responsibility and accountability.


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