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Endless Chain Pressure Dryer (ECP Dryer)

ECP Dryers

The three-circuit ECP Dryer from Vikram has established a strong foothold in the tea industry due to its high moisture evaporation capacity, trouble-free operation and low maintenance cost. Backed by prompt and efficient after-sales service, the machine offers complete peace of mind.

Technical Specifications
Model 4 FT 6 FT
Length (including feed)
25" - 31/2" (7709 mm)
4'-8" (1422 mm)
27'-11/2" (8268 mm)
7'-73/4" (2330 mm)
Power Consumption
Hot Air Blower
Main Drive
Spreader Drive
10 HP
2 HP
1 HP
15 HP
3 HP
1 HP
Operating Conditions
Inlet Air Temperature
Exhaust Air Temperature
200º - 220ºF
125º - 135ºF
200º - 220ºF
125º - 135ºF
Approximate Output of CTC made
Tea in KGS/HR with 70% wither

For Single Firing
For Double Firing
100 - 115
130 - 150
200 - 230
260 - 300
Fuel Oil Consumption
In LTR/KG of made Tea

For Single Firing
For Double Firing
0.25 - 0.30 0.25 - 0.30
NB : 1. Output may vary with the changes in operating conditions, leaf quality, withering percentage and altitude of the Tea Estate.
  2. Design and development are a continuous process. The manufacturer reserves the right for changes in the technical specifications without prior notice.

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