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Research & DevelopmentCombining knowledge and technology

Vikram India takes pride in its spirit of innovation and product development processes, setting high quality standards to build the brand that consumers trust. Vikram India's R&D motto is -

"Technological improvements must satisfy the related scientific objectives."

Using state-of-the-art technology, the Company's R&D Department is manned by highly proficient and skilled engineers, each backed up with years of hands-on experience in design, development, operation and maintenance of tea processing machinery.

R & D Department

The Company's dedicated R&D team constantly engages in knowledge exchange programs with various tea research institutes across India and abroad for scientific inputs, to improve its products and processes.

It collects and analyses the feedback received from existing customers as well as technicians who operate Vikram India's machines, to ensure delivery of premium quality products to its customers.

Vikram India's well-organized and efficient R&D platform has helped its research team to set several significant benchmarks in the tea processing machinery segment.

Latest success on R&D  

  • Use of optical imaging in roller matching inspection unit
  • CNC fully automatic Milling cum Grooving machine of CTC Rollers
  • Manufacturing of Auto Milling Machine with conventional chasing attachment
  • Application of intelligent monitoring and controlling systems during maceration, fermentation and drying processes
  • Manufacturing of customized fermenting machines to suit different operational methods
  • Manufacturing of widest [56"] CTC machines with vibration amplitude reduced to almost zero
  • Manufacturing of specially designed Auto Tracking System for CFMs for improved and hygienic operation through zero adjustment and negligible spillage
  • Manufacturing of wide (60") Vibro Screen for more output and better grading
  • Manufacturing of Continuous Withering Machine for both Physical and Chemical Withering
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