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Module Mounting StructureSetting global benchmarks in tea processing machinery industry

Manufacturing with high tensile IS products  

  • We are equipped with highly new technology broaching machines and band saw machine at our plant. These machines give us strength to do any kind of slotting based on design in high tensile steel products.
  • Rate of production is very high with properly applied broaches, fixtures and machines, more pieces can be turned out per hour by broaching than by any other means.
  • Our machines have high accuracy and high class of precision finish is possible. A tolerance of ±0.0075 mm can be easily obtained in broaching.
  • Both roughing and finishing cuts are completed in one pass of the tool.
  • The process can be used for either internal or external surface operation.
  • Any form that can be reproduced on a broaching can be machined.
  • Cutting fluid may be readily applied where it is most effective because a broach tends to draw the fluid into the cut.


Galvanizing unit
  • We purchase Special High Grade ( SHG ) quality of Zinc of for our galvanizing plant. Mainly from Hindustan Zinc Limited.
  • Our Galvanizing plant tank size is 9 x 1.1 x 1.6 meter.
  • Our galvanizing tank are ultra Morden type and can perform at high temperature.
  • Durability - a permanently bonded tough coating
  • Hygienic - easy to clean surface
  • Long Life - maintenance free
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